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Press Release – FAA Proposes $177,800 Civil Penality Against TAD PGS Inc.

For Immediate Release

July 31, 2015
Contact: Ian Gregor
Phone: 310-725-3580; Email:

SEATTLE – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposes a $177,800 civil penalty against TAD PGS, Inc. of Alexandria, Va., for allegedly violating drug and alcohol testing regulations.

The FAA alleges that TAD, which provides aircraft maintenance workers to airlines and aircraft repair stations, failed to include nine safety-sensitive employees in its random drug and alcohol testing pool. Three of these employees performed safety-sensitive functions for three airlines when they were not included in the pool, the FAA alleges.

Additionally, the FAA alleges TAD failed to use a scientifically valid method to select two employees for random testing. One employee was allegedly selected for both drug and alcohol testing but was only given a drug test. The other employee was allegedly selected for drug and alcohol testing once but was given two tests during a two-month period.

Furthermore, the FAA alleges TAD failed to use a DOT drug testing form to document one required test.

TAD has been in communication with the FAA about the case.


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