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Press Release – FAA Proposes $154,000 Civil Penalty against G&B Investment Management, Inc.; N3344D Partners, LLC; Two Five Delta, LLC; and Gene Curtis

For Immediate Release

September 16, 2015
Contact: Allen Kenitzer
Phone: 425-227-2015; Email:

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposes a $154,000 civil penalty against G&B Investment Management (G&B); N3344D Partners, LLC; Two Five Delta, LLC; and Gene Curtis, all located in Utah, for allegedly conducting commercial flight operations in violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

The FAA alleges that these entities and Mr. Curtis, who controlled the entities, acted in concert by entering into agreements with an individual and a company under which the entities and Mr. Curtis offered air transportation for compensation or hire using two aircraft owned and operated by G&B and Mr. Curtis. The FAA alleges that on 12 occasions the entities and Mr. Curtis provided the individual and the company commercial air transportation using the two aircraft.

The FAA alleges that these flights violated federal aviation regulations because the entities and Mr. Curtis operated the aircraft without an air carrier certificate, economic authority from the Department of Transportation, and operations specifications. The FAA also alleges that the entities and Mr. Curtis failed to comply with operational and maintenance rules relating to commercial operations, and advertised the operations without FAA authorization to conduct such operations.

The FAA is coordinating to meet with the parties to discuss the case.



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