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Press Release – FAA Proposes $231,350 Civil Penalty Against Burgess Aircraft Management, LLC

For Immediate Release

September 8, 2017
Contact: Tony Molinaro
Phone: 847-294-7339/Email:

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposes a $231,350 civil penalty against Burgess Aircraft Management, LLC, of Springfield, Missouri, for allegedly conducting more than 200 revenue flights with pilots who had not received complete instrument proficiency checks. 

Burgess is a charter operator. The company’s airman training program requires its pilots to undergo recurrent checks to show they are proficient at flying in instrument conditions.

The FAA alleges the company failed to administer complete proficiency checks to five pilots. Between November 2, 2014 and August 5, 2015, the company conducted 251 revenue flights under instrument flight rules using pilots who had received incomplete proficiency checks, the agency alleges.

Burgess has been in communication with the FAA about the case.



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