For Immediate Release

July 13, 2001

ANCHORAGE, AK — Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport will be the subject of a Runway Safety Action meeting on Wednesday, July 18.

As part of a national and regional strategy to improve surface safety, the Federal Aviation Administration will conduct an onsite safety evaluation that focues on runway safety, specially runway incursions and surface incidents.

Runway accidents and incidents have been on the increase across the nation. In response the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is educating pilots, air carriers, maintenance personnel and airport employees about ways to avoid runway incursions.

"Runway incursions," according to Roger Motzko, FAA's Runway Safety Program Manager in Alaska, are occurrences at a towered airports involving an aircraft, vehicle, person or object on the ground that create a collision hazard or result in a loss of separation with an aircraft taking off or landing." Every runway surface incident has the potential to be an incursion and every incursion is a potential accident, he says.

With hundreds of airports and airstrips in the state, the FAA is targeting all towered airports as well as non-towered airports with Flight Service facilities. Motzko and a cross division team of air traffic, airport and flight standards specialists will meet with local residents to explore the topic. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. in the second floor conferences room of the FAA's Flight Standards District Office, 4510 West International Airport Road, Anchorage.

For more information call: (907) 271-5293 or 1591.