For Immediate Release

August 31, 2001
Contact: Mike Fergus
Phone: (425) 227-1203

Competing with two other Air Route Traffic Control Centers among the FAA's seven northwestern states, the Seattle Center located in Auburn, WA, was named 'Best of The Year' by the region's Air Traffic Division Manager, Bruce Johnson at an award ceremony in Auburn today.

In presenting the plaque award, Dan Boyle, Assistant Air Traffic Division Manager, acknowledged the Center's excellent performance in criteria categories of operational efficiency, communications, employee development, external relations, resource management, and professionalism. Outstanding achievements in the year 2000 included successfully handling a record traffic count of over 1.4 million air traffic operations and providing 82,660 advisory services to airspace users.

Of special note was a "flight assist" operation on November 23, 2000, resulting in the avoidance of a CFIT or "Controlled Flight Into Terrain." The Seattle Center controller averted the tragedy by rerouting a lost small Cessna from an almost certain impact into Mt. St. Helens.

Adding to the year's excellent operations performance were several very successful community outreach programs including 'fly-ins' at airports in Oregon and Washington as well as 'Operation Rain-Check' sessions with local pilots.

The airspace worked by the Seattle Center includes the states of Washington, Oregon, northern California, and parts of Idaho and Montana.