For Immediate Release

December 3, 2001
Contact: Joette Storm
Phone: (907) 271-5296

Two Alaskans have won a prestigious award from Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta for their efforts to improve aviation and support national security in transportation. John Hallinan, Capstone program manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, and Terry Hilton, information resource specialist, traveled to Washington, DC to receive the Meritorious Achievement awards.

Hallinan has spearheaded the Capstone project, an innovative program to provide pilots with more information in the cockpit on weather and terrain. It also allows for radar-like tracking of similarly equipped aircraft. He has shepherded the idea through equipment development and initial trials in the Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta.

Hilton was lauded for his work in computer security during the preparations for the Year 2000 transition and in meeting the US DOT's strategic goal for information technology.

Both employees were nominated by the FAA's Alaskan Region and competed with employees across the nation.