For Immediate Release

December 3, 2002
Contact: Allen Kenitzer
Phone: (425) 227-2004

RENTON, WA – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed to assess an $805,000 civil penalty against United Airlines of Chicago, IL, for allegedly violating FAA regulations by operating three Boeing 757s on 193 flights when they were not in compliance with regulations.

The FAA said that on or about March 2, 2002, United Airlines employees performed improper maintenance on three Boeing 757s. After discovering small holes in the spoilers of the aircraft, maintenance workers performed a temporary repair of the spoiler skin that was not within approved methods, techniques or practices in the current manufacturer's repair manuals. Further, the FAA alleges that United Airlines continued to operate the aircraft when they were not in an airworthy condition.

United Airlines will have 30 days from its receipt of the FAA's enforcement letter to respond to the agency. This announcement of the proposed civil penalty is made in accordance with the FAA's policy of releasing information to the public on newly issued enforcement actions in cases involving penalties of $50,000 or more.