For Immediate Release

Release No. ASW 14-00
June 12, 2000
Contact: John Clabes, Roland Hewig
Phone: 405) 954-7500

FORT WORTH — The Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center has been named winner of the D/FW Federal Executive Board's award for outstanding customer service. The award was presented during a luncheon in Dallas.

"The award was much-deserved," JoEllen Casilio, assistant air traffic manager for the Southwest Region, said.

Citation accompanying the award pointed out how the Center conducts monthly training sessions for general aviation pilots. Instruction includes air traffic history, equipment and procedures to enter and leave the D/FW metroplex area. The program allows pilots to work control problems in simulation lab, giving them a hands-on approach to Air Traffic Control. Ninety-six pilots participated in the program.

In addition to this program, the training department meets on a weekly basis with pilots from American Airlines and every six months with pilots from Southwest Airlines to explain air traffic control procedures. This program has met with great acceptance from pilots.

Other efforts cited in the award include coded departure routes for use during major weather activity, a collaborative effort with airlines for handling aircraft from the West Coast landing at D/FW to avoid congestion, and development of an Internet page with links to 80 aviation and weather-related web sites.

Fort Worth Center transitioned to the Display System Replacement (DSR) in the control room in 1999, giving controllers new radar displays. The Center was the first FAA facility in the U.S. to declare operational readiness on the DSR and the Host Oceanic Computer System Replacement (HOCSR).

Pat Adams, air traffic manager, accepted the award for the Center.