For Immediate Release

Release No. AWP-5 07-00
December 19, 2000
Contact: Jerry Snyder
Phone: 310) 725-3580

The FAA and Northrop Grumman started installation of an Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR-9) at the Palm Springs International Airport today. It succeeds an earlier-generation system there.

An ambitious schedule will bring the replacement radar on line in time to meet the airport's peak traffic season in January. The radar will be on the airport and use existing structures and conduits. New fiber optics cables will feed signals directly to radar screens at the terminal radar approach control facility.

The ASR-9 is designed to provide user-friendly operation, ease the air traffic controller's workload and make the controller more effective in emergency situations. One of the ASR-9s key features is its ability to reliably detect aircraft while discriminating among as many as six levels of weather intensity. It provides extremely accurate positional information within a 60 nautical mile range, even under the most extreme conditions of weather, ground clutter and natural manmade interference. Congress appropriated funds to replace the prior ASR-8 radar in October after the system experienced reliability and performance problems early in the year.

Air traffic service personnel will train on the key features of the ASR-9 at the FAA's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City.