For Immediate Release

June 9, 2003
Contact: Tony Molinaro
Phone: (847) 294-7427

CHICAGO — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established a Chicago Area Modernization Program Office to oversee and coordinate its activities related to the O’Hare modernization project and other airport projects in the Chicago area.

This new Program Office will coordinate the efforts of all FAA internal divisions involved in work associated with the project, and will act as a single point of contact for the FAA with the airport project sponsors.

Program Office Manager Barry Cooper has been appointed to lead the FAA effort. He will be located in the FAA Great Lakes Regional Office in Des Plaines, IL. Cooper, a 26-year veteran of the FAA, has held previous management positions in the Airways Facilities, Airports, and Logistics divisions. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer and he has a civil engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts.

The Chicago Area Modernization Program Office also has developed an Internet site at It will provide the public with access to information about the FAA’s interaction with the city of Chicago relating to the O’Hare initiative. The Internet site will contain public documents that reflect the coordination and technical exchange between the FAA and the city throughout the development and the FAA review of the O’Hare Modernization Program concept.

Among the information offered in the Internet site’s document library is:

  • Agendas and reports relating to advisory sessions held between the FAA, the city of Chicago, and several commercial airlines;
  • The complete Airport Lay-out Plan submitted to the FAA by the city of Chicago;
  • A Project Definition Report submitted to the FAA by the city of Chicago;
  • A Concept Development/Refinement Report submitted to the FAA by the city of Chicago;
  • Principal documents related to the FAA’s review of the Airport Lay-out Plan.

The FAA will make additional materials available within this Internet site’s document library as the O’Hare project moves forward.

This Internet site is the second of the FAA’s O’Hare-related sites aimed at providing the public with easy and open access to materials related to the O’Hare Airport project. Another Internet site, at, provides current information and documents specifically regarding the FAA’s environmental analysis of the O’Hare project.