For Immediate Release

June 26, 2002
Contact: Arlene Salac/Jim Peters
Phone: (718) 553-3015

The efforts by the staff of the Federal Aviation Administration’s System Management Office (SMO) on Long Island has led to its selection as the top such organization in the country for 2001. In addition to being named FAA’s Airway Facilities SMO of the Year, the Garden City-based group, nicknamed the Liberty SMO, also walked away with the 2001 Distinguished System Management Office, a separate national honor in which it completed against the FAA’s other 32 system management offices.

FAA headquarters in Washington, D.C. selects the recipients for each award. The Liberty SMO was selected in the category that supports a level 11/12 Air Traffic Control Tower, an air route traffic control center and a large terminal radar approach control facility. The Distinguished SMO Award recognizes superior performance in the accomplishment of the FAA’s mission.

The organization’s approximate 270 employees provide around the clock technical and maintenance support for all of the FAA’s major air traffic control facilities in the New York metropolitan area. They include Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports in New York City, Newark Airport in New Jersey, MacArthur Airport in Islip, Republic Airport in Farmingdale, the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) in Westbury and the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center (NYARTCC) in Ronkonkoma.

“Winning two of four national awards is a terrific honor for the men and women who support the New York area facilities, arguably the country’s busiest air traffic control facilities,” says Alan Gershon, manager of the System Management Office, located on Stewart Avenue. “Their commitment to aviation safety, their demonstrated willingness to go the extra distance to ensure that goal and their overall professionalism are the reasons they’re earned the right to be called the best in the country for 2001.”

FAA’s Assistant Director of Airway Facilities, Bob Long, will present both awards to the staff of the Liberty System Management Office on Wednesday, June 26 at 1:30 p.m. at the New York TRACON, located at 1515 Stewart Avenue in Westbury.