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New Procedures to Minimize Summer Air Travel Delays

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New Procedures to Minimize Summer Air Travel DelaysMay 22 — New tools FAA is using to manage air traffic and specific strategies for the New York area will help minimize delays during the upcoming summer travel season, FAA Acting Administrator Robert A. Sturgell said in a May 22 briefing at New York's LaGuardia Airport.

Satellite technology will allow planes to fly closer together over the Atlantic from New York to the Caribbean, creating more routes and reducing delays along that busy corridor, Sturgell said.

More sophisticated air traffic software tools are also helping FAA manage traffic more smoothly, fill in cancelled slots in arrival schedules with other flights, and route flights around severe weather more easily. They also have helped FAA to reduce the number of flights impacted by severe weather and to distribute delays more equitably.

To help relieve delays in the New York area, FAA has created a new westbound departure route, is now using simultaneous approaches to two parallel runways at Newark, and is using ground radar at all three major airports that will help manage congestion in the ramp and gate areas, as well as on the runways.

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