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The Need to Understand Airspeed

The Need to Understand AirspeedFAA Flight Test Engineer Jason Brys writes in the September/October issue of FAA Safety Briefing about the importance for pilots to understand how groundspeed, true airspeed, indicated airspeed, and calibrated airspeed, are both calculated and used. This is important, he says, for both performance and safety reasons.

In his article, “The Need for Speed,” Brys explains the different types of speed and how they are measured. He stresses the importance of knowing the airplane you are flying and says that before getting into the airplane “you should review the published speeds … and be sure you understand whether these are indicated or calibrated airspeeds.

In closing, he says, “By flying the right speed, you can ensure that you are flying within the approved safe envelope of the airplane.”

Read all about it on page 29 of the September/October issue.

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