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Launching a More Agile and Efficient FAA Flight Standards Service

Launching a More Agile and Efficient FAA Flight Standards ServiceAugust 22 – The Federal Aviation Administration’s Flight Standards Service (AFS) plays a vital role in making the U.S. aviation system the world’s safest. But even the best can get better.

On August 20, AFS made organizational adjustments that will enable it to operate with greater accountability, better use of resources, and more readiness to adapt to change. The FAA expects the Flight Standards restructuring to yield benefits to both the agency and the U.S. aviation community. It will strengthen the organization’s ability to keep pace with changes in the aviation industry, increase the Service’s ability to derive maximum benefit from the fixed resources allocated to the agency, and make sure AFS employees develop and interpret regulations and policy consistently across the organization.

To enhance the AFS safety culture, interdependence, critical thinking, and consistency will now be embedded in every AFS employee's work requirements. To facilitate a more agile, efficient, and consistent organization, the service is reorganizing from today's structure, see current org chart, to one based on function, see new org chart.

The FAA issued an Information for Operators bulletin (InFO) on July 26 to provide industry with information to help prepare for the AFS reorganization. The agency has also established a web page to give the aerospace community more detail on the AFS changes.

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