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FAA Grants Waiver for Aerotain Skye to Fly over People

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FAA Grants Waiver for Aerotain Skye to Fly over PeopleThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted a waiver from the agency’s small drone rules (Part 107) to Cevitasnow in Columbus, OH, to allow the company to operate a helium-filled Aerotain Skye tethered aircraft over people on the ground.

The Aerotain Skye resembles a tethered floating beach ball, but is technically an “aircraft.” It carries a camera and small motors for propulsion. The Skye’s diameter is about 7.5 feet and it weighs about 14 lbs. deflated. The envelope is filled with helium.

There is no location limitation in the waiver, so Cevitasnow can operate anywhere in uncontrolled airspace. An airspace authorization or waiver from the FAA is required for flights in controlled airspace, just as for any other drone operator.

The Cevistasnow waiver is part of the FAA’s continuing effort to expand drone operations in the nation’s airspace while reducing risks to public safety and security.

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