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UAS IPP Deadline Tomorrow for Lead Applicants

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UAS IPP Deadline Tomorrow for Lead ApplicantsTomorrow at 2 p.m. Eastern Time is the deadline for Lead Applicants to– submit Volume I and Volume II – for the UAS Integration Pilot Program (UAS IPP).

The UAS IPP is an opportunity for state, local and tribal governments to accelerate the safe integration of UAS operations. Entities that wish to participate in the program must submit proposals to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly more advanced UAS operations, such as beyond visual line-of-sight or over people.

There are two ways to participate in the program, as a Lead Applicant and/or an Interested Party.

Lead Applicants must be state, local or tribal government entities. They will serve as the primary point of contact with the FAA.

Interested Parties are prospective public and private sector applicants/partners or Lead Applicants. They may submit a request by 2 p.m. ET December 13 to be on the Interested Parties List to facilitate the formation of Pilot Program teams. Interested parties can be private sector companies or organizations, UAS operators, other stakeholders or state/local/tribal government entities, including those that are designated Lead Applicants and those that are not.

The UAS IPP is expected to provide immediate opportunities for new and expanded commercial UAS operations, while fostering a meaningful dialogue on the balance between local and national interests related to UAS integration.

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