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FAA Formalizes “Doors-off” and “Open-door” Flight Prohibitions

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FAA Formalizes “Doors-off” and “Open-door” Flight ProhibitionsMarch 22–Today the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published an emergency order regarding “doors off” and "open-door" operations. This order formalizes the FAA’s prior communications on these operations.

This order is issued to all operators and pilots of flights for compensation or hire with the doors open or removed in the United States or using aircraft registered in the United States for doors off flights.

It prohibits the use of supplemental passenger restraint systems that cannot be released quickly in an emergency in doors off flight operations. This order also prohibits passenger-carrying doors off flight operations unless the passengers are at all times properly secured using FAA approved restraints.

The order is effective March 22, 2018 and available for inspection on the Federal Register.

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