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Think Drone Safety As We Share the Sky

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Think Drone Safety As We Share the SkyThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is encouraging the drone community to help spread the word on drone safety with the first National Drone Safety Awareness Week  taking place, Nov. 4-10, 2019. The FAA’s highest priority is to ensure the safety of the National Airspace System (NAS), and during National Drone Safety Awareness Week, the FAA reminds drone pilots and stakeholders that airspace safety is everyone’s responsibility.

During this weeklong campaign, key sectors of the drone community – local governments, municipalities and recreational flyers – will highlight their work on drones, engage the public in activities related to drones, and kick off new safety initiatives. As we integrate drones into the NAS, the FAA wants to do all that it can to ensure that these new operators are familiar with and adhere to the safety culture. Leading up to National Drone Safety Awareness Week, the FAA will provide leadership and support with downloadable materials from the FAA website.

Stakeholders will do their part by holding events that engage and educate the general community about drones.

Key sectors have a specific day of the week to focus on their area of interest or expertise:

  • Monday: Public Safety and Security
  • Tuesday: Business – Photography, Real Estate, Insurance
  • Wednesday: Business – Infrastructure and Agriculture
  • Thursday: Business – Commercial and Medical Package Delivery
  • Friday: Education and STEM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Recreational Flyers

The FAA has provided guidance in the form of a Stakeholder Playbook for participants of National Drone Safety Awareness Week and graphics designed for each key sector:

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