New Pilot Pre-Flight Planning Services

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19–Pilots will be able to file flight plans and receive the latest weather information on-line, effective immediately, under two new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) contracts.

Computer Science Corporation and Lockheed Martin Corporation will provide the pre-flight services under the Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) II contracts the FAA awarded on May 12.

The DUATS II contracts will enable pilots to receive important safety information on their personal computers including current weather conditions, advisories, Notices to Airmen, Temporary Flight Restrictions and airport closures.

Other DUATS II services include graphics tailored to a specific route and assistance with planning during adverse weather conditions. Plain language and interpretation tools also are available to help describe weather conditions.

Both of the one-year contracts have four subsequent one-year options. The total value of the Computer Science Corporation contract is $20.9 million and the total value of the Lockheed Martin contract is $3.2 million.

For additional information on the DUATS II services go to : (CSC) and (LM).