NextGen report to Congress shows progress

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In his first report to Congress since becoming the Chief NextGen Officer one year ago today, Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker detailed the “significant progress” made toward completing the technological foundation that is bringing greater efficiency and predictability to the nation’s airspace system, while reducing aviation’s environmental impact. “The FAA with NextGen is taking the next quantum leap in air traffic control,” Whitaker said. “We have strengthened our partnerships with key stakeholders, coming to an agreement on a set of near-term capabilities that both the FAA and industry will concentrate on over the next three years. And we have concrete evidence that demonstrates how NextGen works for aviation and for America as a whole.”

Whitaker highlighted some of the technological achievements that, while nearly invisible to the flying public, are already allowing passengers to enjoy the benefits of NextGen through shorter flights, better on-time performance and fewer missed connections. By virtue of these technologies, airlines are saving precious minutes and fuel while reducing exhaust emissions, general aviation pilots are enjoying greater access to airports across the country – especially in bad weather – and air traffic controllers have new tools to help them make the critical decisions necessary to keep the world’s busiest and safest aviation system working as efficiently as possible.

The report can be found here.