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Selected NextGen Accomplishments

Major Milestones

NextGen is one of the most ambitious infrastructure and modernization projects in U.S. history. The operational transformation stems from investment, commitment, hard work, and collaboration across the FAA and throughout the aviation community with support from Congress. This timeline includes a selection of our many NextGen milestones. Click on the arrow in the image below or drag the timeline to the desired year and click on a milestone "flag". You can also view some of the major NextGen accomplishments per year.

Fiscal Year 2008 Accomplishments

  • Implemented Traffic Management Advisor, precursor to the Time Based Flow Management System (TBFM), at 20 en route centers
  • Implemented time-based metering procedures at four en route centers
  • Implemented adjacent center metering for arrivals at Newark and Philadelphia
  • Implemented adaptive compression tool for the Airspace Flow Program
  • Made Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures available for Western Atlantic, Miami Oceanic, and San Juan
  • Published 570 Performance Based Navigation (PBN) routes and procedures
  • Integrated nine international reference stations and deployed two new geostationary Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) satellites

Learn more about 2008 NextGen accomplishments in the 2008 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2009 Accomplishments

  • Began Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) ground infrastructure deployment
  • Delivered initial set of wake separation categories and minimums
  • Approved new policy for 1.5 nautical mile diagonal separation to parallel runways at Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Seattle
  • Launched NextGen Integration and Evaluation Capability lab at the FAA Technical Center
  • Published 612 PBN routes and procedures

Learn more about 2009 NextGen accomplishments in the 2009 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2010 Accomplishments

  • Published report on the environmental management system; Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise; carbon dioxide emissions standard metrics; and opportunities for operational procedures
  • Published final ADS-B Out rule in the Federal Register
  • Completed Phase 1 of Wide Area Multilateration in Colorado
  • Published 200 PBN routes and procedures
  • Began implementing enhanced Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) system
  • Conducted joint gate-to-gate separation management demonstration with Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research
  • Added Corridor Integrated Weather System and Special Use Airspace Data Exchange information to System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

Learn more about 2010 NextGen accomplishments in the 2010 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2011 Accomplishments

  • Made ADS-B equipment available for airport vehicles
  • Published 685 PBN routes and procedures
  • Launched Reroute Data Exchange, Integrated Terminal Weather System Data Publication, Flight Data Publication Service, and Terminal Weather System Data Publication through SWIM

Learn more about 2011 NextGen accomplishments in the 2011 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2012 Accomplishments

  • Completed installation of Airport Surface Detection Equipment, Model X (ASDE-X) at last of 35 sites
  • Launched En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) Phase 3 improvements supporting ADS-B at Houston Center
  • Upgraded the Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) with electronic negotiation capability for more efficient flight planning
  • Issued aviation environment and energy policy
  • Completed NextGen National Environmental Policy Act Plan
  • Issued notice of proposed rulemaking for enhanced flight vision system (EFVS)
  • Published 500 PBN routes and procedures
  • Established agreements for ASIAS with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and University of North Dakota
  • Made SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System operational

Learn more about 2012 NextGen accomplishments in the 2012 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2013 Accomplishments

  • Implemented electronic flight data exchange
  • Authorized simultaneous approaches for parallel runways spaced more than 3,600 feet apart
  • Implemented wake turbulence mitigation for departures at San Francisco, Houston, and Memphis
  • Deployed enhanced turbulence, ceiling, and visibility forecasts and graphical guidance
  • Launched National Airspace System (NAS) status via digital Notices to Airmen for flight operations centers
  • Implemented ADS-B oceanic in-trail procedures and automation at the three centers that handle oceanic air traffic
  • Added NAS Enterprise Messaging System (NEMS) dynamic subscription capability and Enhanced Weather Information Network System to SWIM

Learn more about 2013 NextGen accomplishments in the 2013 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2014 Accomplishments

  • Completed ADS-B ground infrastructure deployment
  • Made ERAM operational at the final en route center
  • Approved EFVS for takeoff and approach
  • Implemented prototype of the Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)
  • Implemented simultaneous dual approaches for parallel runways spaced more than 3,600 feet apart at Atlanta
  • Began Wake Recategorization Phase 1 at Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston-Bush, and Houston-Hobby
  • Published runway visual range and traffic flow information in the SWIM NEMS
  • Launched the SWIM Flight Data Publication Service
  • Launched TBFM data via System Wide Information Management
  • Implemented TBFM extended metering, adjacent center metering, and ground-based interval management tools at additional locations
  • Began using area navigation route data to calculate trajectories in TBFM

Learn more about 2014 NextGen accomplishments in the 2014 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2015 Accomplishments

  • Completed ADS-B implementation at en route centers
  • Made Data Communications tower service operational at first site
  • Introduced integrated environmental modeling through the Aviation Environmental Design Tool
  • Approved sustainable alternative jet fuels using novel feedstocks and conversion processes
  • Implemented NextGen environmental policies, standards, and measures that evaluate environmental performance of NextGen programs
  • Launched collaborative decision making with airport operators
  • Implemented Wake Recategorization Phase 1 at Charlotte, Chicago-Midway, Chicago-O'Hare, Denver, New York-LaGuardia, New York-Kennedy, and Newark
  • Approved Equivalent Lateral Spacing Operations national standard
  • Completed Washington, DC, and Northern California metroplexes

Learn more about 2015 NextGen accomplishments in the 2015 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2016 Accomplishments

  • Expanded ADS-B coverage in the Gulf of Mexico, enabling 5 nautical mile separation
  • Modernized 106 Common Automated Radar Terminal System sites
  • Implemented first enhanced departure flow operations using Data Communications
  • Finished deployment of Data Communications tower service at all 55 planned airports
  • Implemented policy of 1 nautical mile diagonal separation for parallel runways spaced between 2,500 and 3,600 feet apart at Dallas, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-Kennedy, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, and Seattle
  • Implemented simultaneous dual approaches with offset and simultaneous triple approaches for parallel runways at Chicago-O'Hare
  • Completed Atlanta Metroplex
  • Approved a national standard for Established on Required Navigation Performance for widely spaced operations
  • Established area navigation WAAS program and published additional PBN routes and procedures
  • Implemented ASIAS, Integrated Safety Assessment Model, and Airport Surface Anomaly Investigation Capability

Learn more about 2016 NextGen accomplishments in the 2016 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2017 Accomplishments

  • Implemented ADS-B oceanic in-trail procedures at Oakland, New York, and Anchorage centers
  • Achieved initial operation of pre-departure and airborne reroutes
  • Completed Charlotte and Southern California metroplexes
  • Completed SWIM NAS data-sharing infrastructure

Fiscal Year 2018 Accomplishments

  • Implemented improved demand prediction for TFMS
  • Deployed integrated departure/arrival capability of TBFM to first sites
  • Completed Data Communications tower service at seven more airports
  • Completed Cleveland-Detroit Metroplex
  • Completed policy granting unmanned aircraft systems access to airspace when operating within visual line of sight

Learn more about 2018 NextGen accomplishments in the 2018-2019 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2019 Accomplishments

  • Launched Surface Visualization Tool at airports with ASDE-X and Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC)
  • Completed ERAM system enhancement to improve separation management, trajectory prediction, and human interface capabilities
  • Implemented TBFM capabilities: path stretch, TBFM planning tool, integrated departure/arrival capability expansion, and weather source migration
  • Implemented Data Communications en route services at first location
  • Completed deployment of ASSC
  • Certified FAA Tech Center Cyber Security Test Facility

Learn more about 2019 NextGen accomplishments in the 2018-2019 NextGen Implementation Plan

Fiscal Year 2020 Accomplishments

  • Implemented ADS-B Out airspace rule
  • Released Aviation Environmental Design Tool Version 3
  • Launched TFDM improved electronic flight data exchange capability
  • Improved access to NAS aeronautical, status, and constraint information via SWIM, Flight Information Service-Broadcast and Traffic Information Service-Broadcast
  • Completed Denver Metroplex
  • Implemented an Integrated NAS Automation System Modeling and Anomaly Detection
  • Published NextGen Enterprise System Safety Handbook

Learn more about 2020 NextGen accomplishments in the NextGen Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2020

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