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NAS Infrastructure

The NAS Infrastructure portfolio contains key transformational and infrastructure sustainment capabilities that are critical to the success of NextGen across multiple portfolios. This portfolio also includes technical refreshes of current infrastructure.


The NAS Infrastructure portfolio contains capabilities that fall into the following infrastructure categories:

  • Communications

    The Communications capability is focused on the implementation of Data Communications, the exchange of information between air traffic controllers and pilots via a digital data link.

  • Oceanic

    The Oceanic capability focuses on the Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures system and oceanic automation. Sustaining oceanic automation and enhancing information exchange between oceanic and other domains is a key goal of these improvements.

  • Information Management

    The Information Management capabilities focus on improvements needed to accomplish the following:

    • Enhance flight data exchange between controllers in non-surveillance sectors.
    • Improve information sharing between en route sector controllers using an integrated display.
    • Integrate surface surveillance data and flight data.
    • Enhance data exchange with flight operations centers and airport operators.

    These capabilities will serve to sustain and improve key automation infrastructure, as well as enhance information exchange between decision support tools and external stakeholders.

  • Weather

    The Weather capability seeks to improve decision-making among air traffic controllers and users through better sharing of weather information. They also will reduce the impact of weather on national airspace system operations through translation of meteorology into immediately usable constraints to the movement of aircraft. These capabilities will serve to deliver a common weather information base or picture among Air Navigation Service Providers and airspace users.

Implemented Capabilities and Locations

The FAA completed the initial deployment of Data Comm Departure Clearance Tower Service in December 2016 at 55 airports across the country, and at seven additional airports in 2018. En route Data Comm capabilities are expected to come online in the coming years.

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