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General Aviation ADS-B Rebate Program

Frequently Asked Questions


About the Program

Why did the FAA implement this program?

The FAA implemented the rebate program to emphasize the urgent need for pilots to comply with the ADS-B Out rule ahead of the 2020 deadline. These ensured installations occurred several years ahead of the deadline and defrayed the costs associated with the equipment and installation for eligible general aviation aircraft. The FAA estimated that as many as 160,000 general aviation aircraft will require ADS-B Out by January 1, 2020.

When was this program implemented?

The ADS-B Rebate Reservation System was first available to the public on Monday, September 19, 2016.

How long did the program run?

The program ran for one year. The last day to make a rebate reservation was September 18, 2017. The last day to claim a rebate was February 15, 2018. The last day to claim a rebate for those granted an extension was April 27, 2018.

Why was the rebate program limited to one rebate per owner?

To address the targeted audience, the FAA limited the rebate to one per owner. This helped focus the incentive on the largest group of aircraft owners with the greatest cost concerns. Also, tax regulations would have required additional processing for payments in excess of $600 per individual. This would have imposed additional administrative burden on the FAA, which would have required more information from the applicant, and would have delayed users from receiving their rebates. Owners of multiple eligible aircraft could only apply for one rebate.

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Rebate Payment

When was the last day to claim a rebate?

The last day to claim a rebate was February 15, 2018. All active Rebate reservations automatically expired on this date unless granted an extension. The last day to claim a rebate for those granted an extension was April 27, 2018.

What if the aircraft is owned by a single or multi-owner LLC?

The Rebate Program Rules specify that the rebate check will be addressed and mailed to the registered owner listed in the Civil Aircraft Registry. In the case of a multiple-owner LLC, only one (1) rebate will be issued per LLC; with the check made payable to the LLC. All subsequent claim attempts from an LLC or multiple aircraft owner is ineligible.

How long will it take to receive my rebate payment?

Applicants can expect to receive a rebate payment within 4 weeks after the rebate claim is authorized.

Who will the rebate check be mailed to?

The FAA has collaborated with the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) to distribute rebate checks. After the FAA validates a Rebate Claim and authorizes payment, AEA will mail the rebate check to the Aircraft Owner as listed in the FAA Civil Aircraft Registry.

Is the rebate payment considered as taxable income?

Yes, the $500 is taxable income. Rebate payment recipients are required to report it on the appropriate tax return.

Will I receive a 1099 form from FAA for the rebate payment?

1099 forms are only required for taxable income exceeding $600. FAA will not send a 1099 form to any Rebate recipient.

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