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Decision Support Systems

TBFM: Giving the Right Spacing to the Right Aircraft at the Right Time (2:18)

At a Glance

  • Integrated Departure Arrival Capability, a new Time Based Flow Management tool, is saving 2–5 minutes per departure at 20 airports.
  • NASA's Airspace Technology Demonstration-2 project, a trailblazer for the FAA's Terminal Flight Data Manager program, is off and running at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
  • Traffic Flow Management System continues to facilitate common situation awareness and collaboration with National Airspace System (NAS) stakeholders and minimize impacts of NAS capacity reductions.
  • Decision Support Systems programs and products are evolving to support the FAA concept of Trajectory Based Operations.

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Facts and Figures

Integrated Departure/Arrival Capability is saving



per departure at 20 airports

GIM-S resulted in a


increase in flights arriving within 90 seconds of their scheduled time of arrival

TFDM will be deployed in Phoenix in


after key features are tested in Charlotte under ATD-2

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