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Weather Technology in the Cockpit (2:28)

At a Glance

  • The FAA NextGen Aviation Weather Research Program conducts research projects to improve aviation weather tools and their capabilities, and to reduce the impacts of adverse weather.
  • Now in development, the NextGen Weather Processor will consolidate four legacy aviation weather systems to deliver a single, high-resolution picture.
  • Also in development, the NextGen Common Support Systems Weather will make available National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather products to FAA controllers and air traffic managers.
  • The FAA Weather Technology in the Cockpit program research team has conducted more than 30 studies on how weather information is displayed in the cockpit so that pilots receive the necessary weather information and correctly interpret it to support effective and safe adverse-weather decision making.

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Facts and Figures

NextGen researchers are improving aviation weather forecasting and analysis

NextGen research targets adverse weather, the cause of more than half of flight delays within the National Airspace System

New weather systems and services will deliver more actionable intelligence to pilots and controllers

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