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Community Involvement — Denver

Status of Engagement: Preliminary Design Comment Phase

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, is the ongoing modernization of our national airspace system. NextGen is transforming air traffic control technologies and procedures by moving from ground-based navigation to satellite and GPS-based navigation and from analog to digital communications. We are fundamentally changing how we see, navigate and communicate with aircraft.

Other NextGen benefits include:

  • NextGen enhances aviation safety, reduces carbon emissions and modernizes procedures to today’s standards.
  • A key NextGen goal is to safely improve the way aircraft navigate complex, metropolitan areas, which we call Metroplexes, by deconflicting routes into and out of busy airports and by creating more efficient and direct flight paths.
  • The FAA has identified a number of Metroplex areas in the United States. Each Metroplex includes one or more commercial airports and several general aviation airports that serve at least one major city.
  • A Metroplex allows the FAA to holistically improve regional traffic movements by using precise, satellite-based navigation to make the best use of airspace and procedures.
  • Using NextGen procedures in these areas could improve on-time performance, which would benefit the region and the entire national airspace system.

The FAA has designated the airspace around Denver for a Metroplex project, which means residents of this metropolitan area may see a number of benefits.

The proposed Metroplex project would allow for more direct and efficient routing of aircraft into and out of Denver, enhancing aviation safety, and reducing some flight delays. Modifications will occur for arrivals and departures as part of the Denver Metroplex project. Many communities may not be affected by the proposed modifications. However, people living or working in the Denver Metropolitan Area may see adjustments to aircraft routings.

Airports that are included in the Denver Metroplex:

  • Denver International (DEN)
  • Centennial (APA)
  • Rocky Mountain Metropolitan (BJC)
  • Front Range (FTG)
  • Northern Colorado Regional (FNL) (formerly Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal)
  • Greeley-Weld County (GXY)
  • Vance Brand (LMO)
  • Buckley Air Force Base (BKF)

Exceeding requirements set by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the FAA is improving public awareness of procedure modifications through early engagement with the communities in the area.

The FAA encourages residents of Denver and the surrounding areas to review the proposed procedures and comment through the link on this page.

Environmental Process

Before the FAA can implement any new procedures, Federal law and FAA policy require the FAA to conduct environmental reviews in accordance with NEPA. These reviews will lead to an Environmental Assessment (EA) expected to be finalized in late 2018.

As part of this EA review, the FAA will hold a series of community meetings in 2018 in which comments on the draft EA are welcome.

The FAA will review all EA comments before making a final determination.

For more information on the Denver Metroplex, visit the links below.

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