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Community Involvement — Southern California

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) signed a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the Southern California Metroplex project on August 31, 2016. This is the FAA's final decision, and it enables the agency to move forward with implementing the project, which will replace dozens of existing conventional air traffic control procedures with new satellite-based procedures. The project encompasses most of Southern California and includes six major airports and 15 satellite airports. The FAA undertook the project to improve airspace safety and efficiency by allowing for more optimized and efficient routing of aircraft into and out of Southern California.

The project is being implemented in phases between November 2016 and April 2017. Please note that the outreach conducted in January and February 2017 focused on changes that will occur in March and April 2017.

How Air Traffic Control Works

Past Sessions

Video briefing on the progress of the Southern California Metroplex project and the implementation of NextGen technology. These presentations were presented to local officials and community members in January 2017.

New Procedures

Supplemental Materials

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