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Start Spreading The News

JetBlue is the latest in the list of airlines to adopt NextGen procedures. At JFK this month, the airline has started allowing pilots to take a more efficient curved path into runways 13L and 13R at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

As is the case with other NextGen routes, the new approaches create more predictability into one of the busiest airports in the country. It allows the airlines to move passengers in and out of the airport faster while also reducing the environmental impact of each flight. The airline is predicting that it will save about 18 gallons per flight by flying the precision satellite route.

It could also help ease delays and cancellations. The NextGen procedures have approved lower landing weather minimums, allowing planes to land in during certain weather patterns. That could equal major shifts when factoring in the busiest airspace in the world where poor weather can stymie whole boards of flights across the country.

While JetBlue is the first at JFK, other airlines are currently testing precision navigation at major hub airports. It is expected that the same benefits of time and fuel saved will be realized wherever NextGen precision approaches are flown.

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