Measuring Operational Results From Nextgen

Integrating NextGen capabilities to transform the National Airspace System (NAS) is a complex effort that requires the FAA to continuously measure and report our progress. This website highlights qualitative and quantitative NextGen performance measures, focusing on locations where NextGen capabilities enhance airspace performance and emphasizing the link between investments and benefits.
  • PHX Air Traffic Controller Steve Stenstrom uses AEFS.

    Phoenix Air Traffic Controllers look to the future with NextGen Technology

    NextGen technology allows PHX air traffic controllers to control traffic from the tower with a swipe of a finger or a click of a mouse.
  • How the FAA and Airlines Sleuth for Safety

    How the FAA and Airlines Sleuth for Safety

    Sherlock Holmes has nothing on a team of government and industry risk detectives who use a NextGen tool to investigate millions of operations to evaluate and enhance safety.
  • Houston, We Have a Solution

    Houston, We Have a Solution

    NextGen is the solution to arrival and departure delays throughout the Houston Metroplex. NextGen increases on-time arrivals and departures by using predetermined flight paths, while offering other benefits to airlines and the environment.
  • Planes are arriving and departing more quickly and efficiently on the four runways at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

    On a Roll with NextGen

    Aircraft lined up for take-off can now roll sooner, allowing more take-offs and landings within an hour thanks to improved NextGen analysis of wake turbulence.

  • This depicts the 11 measurable portfolios in the NextGen program.

    NextGen Portfolios

    Got NextGen? Check out our maps and find out which NextGen improvements are available where you live and fly.

NextGen Priorities

A joint FAA-aviation community effort, which tracks the milestones of the NextGen Priorities Joint Implementation Plan. These are capabilities that will provide significant near-term benefits to the National Airspace System.


NextGen Portfolios

The FAA uses a comprehensive, cross-agency portfolio approach to implement NextGen capabilities. Learn more about the portfolios and locations where NextGen capabilities have been implemented.


View Performance Indicators


Even as NextGen initiatives continue to be deployed, many airports are already taking advantage of NextGen capabilities. Here is the progress for 30 Core Airports.


NextGen is improving traffic flow in metroplexes: metropolitan areas where airports in close proximity make for complex airspace. See how metroplexes work and their expected NextGen benefits.

City Pairs

For airline operators, city-pair performance is the most direct way to connect two markets. View performance metrics for city pairs in metroplexes across the United States.

Across the National Airspace System

Illustration of planes being guided by satellite.

The benefits of NextGen capabilities and procedures that enhance passengers' experience and improve safety continue to grow. It is crucial to track the progress of those benefits to ensure that we provide improvements that make the kinds of impacts we need.

What's New?

  • Monthly Updates to the NextGen Priorities — Joint Implementation Plan Milestones
  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Data:
    • Access — NAS-Wide
    • Capacity and Efficiency — Core 30 Airports
    • Efficiency and Predictability — Key City Pairs
  • Calendar Year (CY) 2013 Data:
    • Environment — NAS-Wide