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Where We Are Headed

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Every component of NextGen undergoes thorough research, development, and safety testing before it is implemented in the National Airspace System. As technology evolves, so do our plans and components. Each piece yields benefits of its own. But the greatest benefits from modernization come from connecting improved systems. We expect our integrated programs and capabilities will transform the country's air traffic management system to accommodate the growing needs of an increasingly diverse mix of airspace users without compromising safety or security.

By 2025, the initial implementation of all major planned systems will be in place, followed by full integration that will provide the greatest projected NextGen benefits. Beyond 2025 (PDF), the FAA expects to accumulate benefits through advanced applications, more equipped aircraft, and full workforce adoption of a time-based air traffic management system. Based on knowledge of where an aircraft will be at any point in time during its flight, time-based management will improve air traffic controllers’ situational awareness, which will help them balance airspace demand and capacity and minimize the impact of disruptions from weather, system outages, or facility issues.

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