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Many stakeholders have a vested interest in the modernization of the National Airspace System (NAS). To accelerate success, share individual skills and resources, advance mutual interests, and achieve common purpose, the FAA forms and maintains partnerships within the aviation community.

The NextGen Advisory Committee, led by senior airline executives and others in the aviation industry, helps the FAA set priorities and deliver tangible benefits.

The Interagency Planning Office leverages federal interagency stakeholder expertise to identify, research, coordinate, and prioritize issues, and to bring the appropriate resources together to advance NextGen modernization.

The FAA engages its workforce through the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, and several smaller labor unions. Together their members ensure that millions of passengers move through the NAS safely every day.

Modernization of the NAS is successful thanks to the strong relationships between the FAA and its partners and stakeholders.

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