AMCS Password Requirements

To meet established security policies, the FAA requires that passwords automatically expire
every 90 days. When your password expires, you will be required to change it before you can
access AMCS.

If you have not changed your password recently, you will be required to change your password
within 90 days.

You may not use a password which you have used as one of your previous 13 passwords.

New passwords must conform to FAA requirements:
  • Your new password must contain at least 8 characters
  • Passwords must contain at least three of the following four character groups: English uppercase characters (A through Z); English lowercase characters (a through z); Numerals (0 through 9); Non-alphabetic characters (such as !, $, #, %)
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
Examples of valid passwords include: GH6ts72p or jh1brpx$

To change your password, click on the Change Password button on the AMCS Login screen. You will be required to enter your User Name, Your current Password and your New Password. You must also Confirm your new password by entering it again. Click the Login button to access AMCS.

Please be careful when entering your password. If you type an incorrect password on 3 successive attempts, your account will be locked for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes has elapsed you may again attempt to sign on.

You are required to use your AMCS account only. Do not use the account of another person and do not share your password with anyone.