Frequently Asked Questions about being an Aviation Medical Examiner

What are the FAA training requirements to maintain AME designation?
To maintain designation, an AME is required to attend a 2 1/2-day Theme AME Seminar every three years.

CAMI's Aeromedical Education Division conducts these seminars at many locations across the country. The seminars are intended to keep AMEs and their office staff up-to-date on the FAA medical certification process, and provide a review of the latest medical and technical information and clinical examination techniques applicable to airman medical certification.

An additional goal of these seminars is to help improve AMEs' proficiency in their regular medical practice, as well as to assist them in achieving 100 percent accuracy in the completion of the Application for Airman Medical Certificate (FAA Form 8500-8).

The Aeromedical Education Division has designated this Theme AME Seminar as a CME activity that is valid for up to 19 credit hours in Category I of the Physician's Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. The FAA does not charge a fee for attending the Theme AME Seminar. However, AMEs and their staffs must pay all personal expenses (travel, accommodations, and meals) associated with their training.