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AME Minute Archive

AME microlearning segments provide concise, informal instruction that supplements mandatory AME training. The videos and infographics each address a single topic covering policy, guidance, and other significant concerns. The segments are delivered monthly by subscription.

Videos and Infographics
Date Posted Topic Title
September 2021 Health Professional Visit Reviews Why should AMEs review visits to health professionals?
July 2021 Interim Medical Certificate Why would a pilot need an interim medical certificate?
June 2021 Verbal Authorization Why would a pilot need a verbal authorization?
June 2021 Documenting vision correction Why did I receive a letter about a vision restriction?
May 2021 Previously Reported, No Change (PRNC) Why does the FAA disallow AMEs from using PRNC?
March 2021 AASI recertification, CHD Why does the FAA now allow AASI recertification for pilots with a history of CHD?
March 2021 Anticoagulants Why do different categories of anticoagulants have different wait times?
February 2021 TAVR Procedure, Special Issuance Why did the FAA introduce a policy on the TAVR procedure?
January 2021 AFib, Watchman implant Why is the FAA concerned about closure of the left atrial appendage?
November 2020 AFib, A-Flutter Why are there new requirements for Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB) or A-Flutter?
September 2020 Breast Cancer Why can breast cancer be issued by an AME?
August 2020 Designee Management System profile Why do AMEs need to update their profile in the Designee Management System annually?
August 2020 Pancreatitis Why did the FAA issue new guidance regarding pancreatitis?
June 2020 OTC Sleep Aids Why is the FAA concerned about Over the Counter Sleep Aids?
June 2020 Insulin policy part 2 Why does the monitoring protocol for insulin-treated DM require so many reports?
May 2020 Insulin policy part 1 Why is the FAA now certifying pilots who are on insulin?
April 2020 Subpoena - Testify Why do AMEs need to worry about Subpoenas? Part 2
March 2020 Subpoena - Records Why Do AMEs Need To Worry About Subpoenas?
February 2020 Syncope Why is Unexplained Syncope Aeromedically Significant?
December 2019 Myocardial Infarction Why is an evaluation required post myocardial infarction?
December 2019 CACI - C-ITP (Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia) Why is Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia a CACI?
November 2019 History of the CACI Program Why was the CACI program developed?
October 2019 ECG: IRBBB Why is an Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block considered a normal variant?
September 2019 Basic Med When is a Special Issuance required under BasicMed?
July 2019 Importance of aerospace medicine - physiology What Makes Aerospace Medicine Unique?
July 2019 Infographic: ECG Normal Variants Why does the ECG evaluation process take so long? (PDF)
June 2019 Intermediate Vision Testing Near and Intermediate Vision Testing
May 2019 DVT New oral anticoagulants in the DVT protocol
April 2019 ECG Normal Variants part 5 AME Minute: Identification of ECG Normal Variants Reduces Delays — Part 5
February 2019 Phorias Double Vision and Heterophoria Testing
February 2019 Social Security Disability Aeromedical Implications of Disability Benefits Reported by Pilots
January 2019 ECG Normal Variants part 4 Identification of ECG Normal Variants Reduces Delays — Part 4
November 2018 Disposition Tables What's so special about Disposition Tables?
November 2018 17b Monovision Contact Lenses What the FAA needs to know about monovision lenses
October 2018 ECG Normal Variants part 3 Identification of ECG Normal Variants Reduces Delays — Part 3
September 2018 Color Vision Testing The importance of color perception to piloting skills
August 2018 CACI Verbiage Documenting Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACI) using specific verbiage
July 2018 ECG Normal Variants part 2 Identification of ECG Normal Variants Reduces Delays — Part 2
June 2018 ECG Normal Variants part 1 Identification of ECG Normal Variants Reduces Delays - Part 1
May 2018 DMS - How Can DMS Help? How Do AMEs Keep Designation Information Up To Date?
March 2018 ECG - Stress Test and Holter Monitor Radionuclide Stress Test and Holter monitor: What does the FAA Want?
March 2018 Infographic: DUI reporting What do I do as an AME if my pilot tells me they've had a recent DUI? (PDF)
January 2018 Certification Aids How Certification Aids Speed up Information Collection for Pilots
January 2018 CACI Worksheets CACI Worksheets Speed Up Medical Certification
November 2017 Colon Cancer Timeframes Colon cancer timeframes for medical certification
July 2017 SSRI checklist The SSRI recertification checklist

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