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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Designee Management System (DMS)

Benefits of DMS

Benefits for the FAA

The benefits of DMS are extensive, but here are some of the key ways the system will help AVS implement a more robust way of managing designees and the work they perform on behalf of the FAA:

  • FAA personnel who manage designees will be able to view, in the DMS tool, applicant data throughout the application and appointment process instead of the old paper process.
  • FAA personnel responsible for the management and oversight of designees will have better insight into current designee capacity allowing a better assessment of the FAA's need to appoint additional designees and ability to manage additional designees.
  • FAA personnel will have easy access to performance data on the work designees perform on behalf of the FAA.
  • FAA personnel will have more insight into the skills and proven ability of a designee to support a risk-based approach to oversight in lieu of a calendar-based oversight determination.
  • DMS will be the single source for entry of designee data, replacing other systems such as PTRS, eVID, AMEIS and DIN, and will become the official system of record for all individual designees.
  • DMS will be used by both FAA and external users, enabling an exchange of data that is entered by a designee to be viewed by the FAA managing specialists who monitors and oversees their activity.
  • DMS provides an efficient and effective method to monitor designee work through the integration of policy and automation to assess and oversee a designees' performance.

Benefits for Applicants and Designees

  • A new simplified application process that is currently being incorporated into DMS which will result in a better user experience, allowing an application to be completed quickly, with a logical series of steps.
  • For existing designees with a good performance history, approval to do work may be expedited via an automatic approval process.
  • With new and existing designees in DMS, the FAA will be able to gain visibility into the designees' work and quickly assess the risk associated with the work performed by those designees. High performing designees may receive less FAA oversight allowing for more effective use of delegation.
  • Renewal of a designation will be based on good performance and the annual review and assessment of designee information.

Access the Designee Management System

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