Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and engineering Authorized Representatives of delegated organizations may suggest topics for inclusion in the FAA engineering designee recurrent seminar. The FAA Delegation and Airworthiness Programs Branch will consolidate, prioritize, and coordinate suggested topics with appropriate FAA offices in order to develop the most beneficial seminar content.

Please include the following information:

  1. Suggested Topic:
    Please briefly describe the topic
  2. Background/rationale for suggesting this topic:
    Include specific examples or problems encountered, if appropriate
  3. The Recurrent Seminar format includes a General Session for all disciplines and six Technical Breakout Sessions. Where in the seminar do you think this topic should be addressed?
    • General Session
    • Acoustic Session
    • Electrical Equipment Session
    • Flight Test Session
    • Mechanical Systems Session
    • Powerplant/Engines/Propeller Session
    • Structures Session
  4. What aspects of the topic should this presentation cover?
  5. Who should present this topic?
    Please identify expert(s) who you think would be effective.
  6. Submitter's name, e-mail and/or phone number, so we may contact you to discuss this suggestion:  (optional)
  7. FAA office you work in, or are managed by?
Submit the answers to these questions in an email to the DER mailbox