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120-79A AFS-300 Developing and Implementing an Air Carrier Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System


This advisory circular (AC) provides information for developing and implementing a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS). This AC applies to you if you are a Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 119 certificate holder conducting operations under 14 CFR part 121 or 135. For part 135 operations, this AC applies if you conduct your maintenance operations under part 135, § 135.411(a)(2). This AC also applies to each person employed or used by you as a part 119 certificate holder for any maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alteration of your aircraft. Title 14 CFR part 1, § 1.1 defines “person” as “an individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, joint-stock association, or governmental entity. It includes a trustee, receiver, assignee, or similar representative of any of them.”


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