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Airworthiness Directives (ADs) – Current Only

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AD No. Effective Date Subject
74-20-02 Pitot Static Tubing
69-17-01 Auxiliary Power Unit
2020-16-51 Pneumatic
2008-24-51 Fuel pump
2001-09-51 Elevator Tab Control Rods
2002-24-51 Fuel Tank Pumps
73-09-04 Entry Door Hinge
2001-12-51 Airplane Flight Manual -- Limitations Section, Extending the Speedbrakes at Speeds in Excess of 300 knots
2019-25-55 Equipment/Furnishings
2018-23-51 Flight controls
74-09-05 Emergency Overwing Exits
2001-21-51 Web of the Aft Pressure Bulkhead
2002-19-51 R1 Flight Control Module (FCM)
2002-08-52 Speedbrakes
2021-13-18 9/3/2021 Powerplant
2021-17-08 8/17/2021 Fuselage
2021-16-15 8/9/2021 Air conditioning
2021-10-11 7/29/2021 Wings
2021-12-13 7/29/2021 Fuel
2021-14-20 7/20/2021 Cabin Altitude Pressure Switches
2021-11-24 7/20/2021 Fuel
2021-10-07 7/8/2021 Autoflight, Flight controls
2021-09-06 6/8/2021 Fuselage
2021-08-14 6/2/2021 Auto flight
2021-08-12 5/28/2021 Wings

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