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Section 61.113

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  1. Deaf Pilot Frequently Asked Questions – Certification
    … (14 CFR section 61.13). If I am deaf, can I obtain a pilot certificate? Yes, an individual who is deaf … (CFR) sections 61.87 and 61.89). A recreational pilot certificate limits the holder to specific categories … (14 CFR section 61.113). A commercial pilot certificate permits the pilot to conduct certain types of operations …
  2. Information for AMEs
    … BasicMed Section 61.113 and the new Part 68 Advisory Circular 68-1 Medical Certification Updates and Common …
  3. Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist (BasicMed)
    … CFR), Section 61.113(i). This rule (BasicMed) allows pilots to use this checklist, and other requirements, … pounds. The examination section of the checklist may only be completed by a state-licensed physician.</p>
  4. BasicMed AME Presentation (PDF)
    … Resources: Section 61.113 and new Part 68 • Advisory Circular 68-1
  5. Federal Aviation Administration Final Rule, Alternative Pilot Physical Examination and Education Requirements, 14 CFR Parts 61, 68, and 91 (PDF)
    Subpart iii, section 44701, General Requirements; section 44702, Issuance of Certificates; and 3 section 44703, … forth in § 61.113. 7 However, persons exercising privileges of a student pilot or recreational pilot certificate … with § 61.113(i), a recreational pilot must comply with this section. 6. Add paragraph (i) to § 61.113 …
  6. FAA Safety Briefing - July August 2021 (PDF)
    … CFR § 61.113 (c), was updated in 2020. his AC provides guidance on how a pilot may share light expenses … responds to Section 515 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 that sets forth the FAA’s longstanding position … 14 CFR section 61.53. It states that if you have a disqualifying condition, medication, or treatment, …
    … are two sections to the relief. The first section, Training, Recency, Testing and Checking Requirements, … second section, Duration and Renewal Requirements, has certain qualifications specified in the details … specified in § 61.113: (A) A flight incidental to that person’s business or employment; (B) A flight in support …
  8. 200930 SFAR 118-2-SIGNED (PDF)
    … individual sections will be discussed in those sections. The relief applies to any operation that requires … exceptions in § 61.113(b), (d), (e), or (h) or by exemption. 13 This relief also extends to flight attendant crewmembers, … under § 61.113(a) broadly. Compensation does not require a profit, profit motive, or the actual payment …
  9. FAA Safety Briefing January February 2008 (PDF)
    [14 CFR section 61.113(a)] 15. What percentage of the cost of fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental … [14 CFR section 61.113(c)] 16. When flying on the east coast of the United States in the mid-Atlantic area, … 2007. Section 2., D.C. Metropolitan Air Defense Identification Zone (DC ADIZ) Section 2, Part I, Number …
  10. FAA Safety Briefing - July August 2017 (PDF)
    … CFR part 61.113(i)) will have been in efect for around three months. Based on the intense level of interest … responses in section 2, your physician will conduct a medical examination of the items listed in section 3. … exceptions of section 61.113(b) still apply to BasicMed, so you may continue to split the pro-rata share of the …