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Commercial Space Transportation Guidance

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Guidance Documents
Title Publication Date
Guidelines for Compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and Related Environmental Review Statutes (PDF) 02/2001
Space Transportation Infrastructure Matching (STIM) Grants Program Process (PDF) 11/2013
AST Flight Safety Analysis Handbook (PDF) 09/2011
U.S. Human Space Flight Safety Record Data (PDF) 02/2019
Legal Interpretations (PDF) N/A
License and Permit Application Guide for Applicants (PDF) 04/2016
Guide to Probability of Failure Analysis for New Expendable Launch Vehicles (PDF) 11/2005
Experimental Permits
Experimental Permit Program (PDF) 05/2008
Sample Experimental Permit Application (PDF) 04/2007
Experimental Permit Checklists (PDF) 08/2007
Human Space Flight Checklist (PDF) 01/2008
Calculation of Safety Clear Zones for Experimental Permits (PDF) 02/2011
Guidance on Informing Crew and Space Flight Participants of
Reusable Launch & Reentry Vehicle Safety Guides
Guide to Reusable Launch and Reentry Vehicle Software and Computing System Safety (PDF) 07/2006
Guide to Verifying Safety-Critical Structures for Reusable Launch and Reentry Vehicles, Version 1.0 (PDF) 11/2005
Guide to the Identification of Safety-Critical Hardware Items for Reusable Launch Vehicle Developers (PDF) 05/2005
Guide to Reusable Launch and Reentry Vehicle Reliability
Guide to Commercial RLV Operations and Maintenance
Version 1.0
Guidance for Medical Screening of Commercial Aerospace Passengers (PDF) 03/2003
Non-traditional Flight Safety Systems and IVHM (PDF) 08/2003
Guide to RLV Safety Validation and Verification Planning
Version 1.0
Supplemental Application Guidance for Unguided Suborbital Launch Vehicles (MS Word) (MS Word Docs) 08/1998
Draft Guidelines for Commercial Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle Operations with Space Flight Participants (PDF) 02/2005
Advisory Circular: Hazard analysis for the launch or reentry of a reusable suborbital rocket under an experimental permit
Advisory Circular: Reusable launch and reentry vehicle system safety process
Advisory Circular: Anomaly reporting and corrective action for a reusable suborbital rocket operating under an experimental permit
Safety Approvals
Guide to commercial space safety approvals (PDF) 04/2016
Brochure on commercial space safety approvals (PDF) 04/2008
Hazard Analysis of Commercial Space Transportation (PDF) 10/1995
Guide for Launch Safety Assessments (PDF) 09/2016

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