FAA Leadership & Learning Institute (FLLI)

Every FAA employee is part of building the future of the Agency and the future of aviation. At the FAA Leadership & Learning Institute (FLLI), we believe in building great leaders who strive to be their personal and professional best. That's why we offer a suite of resources that give learners access to the knowledge they need, when they need it, the way they want it. From easy-to-access online courses, interactive forums, and in-person, instructor-led training, FLLI delivers innovative, relevant, meaningful learning for current and future leaders.

Our Curriculum

FLLI's core leadership development curriculum is rooted in adult learning best practices and is geared to help leaders succeed in FAA's unique environment. The FLLI curriculum emphasizes workforce development by giving leaders the skills and tools to empower employees to proactively address challenges, share knowledge, and collaborate, all to meet the FAA's mission.


Our suite of learning resources is designed to meet the needs of FAA's geographically diverse, 24/7 workforce. The FLLI cloud enabled enterprise learning management system (eLMS) delivers access to online courses on-demand for anywhere, anytime learning. FLLI courses align with the FAA Strategic Leadership Capabilities (SLCs) that set the standard for leadership at the Agency.

FLLI Tomorrow

Because the demands on our leaders and workforce constantly evolve, so do FLLI's curriculum and approach. FLLI's team continuously analyzes course feedback, solicits input from each LOB and Staff Office on the issues affecting the workforce, and stays abreast of the latest technologies to refresh course content and increase ease of access. This regular evaluation and update process means FLLI provides leaders with on-point, tailored learning to successfully meet the FAA's mission.

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