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FAA Leadership & Learning Institute (FLLI)

The FAA Leadership & Learning Institute (FLLI) – pronounced "FLY" – is the FAA's new leadership development center. FLLI supports FAA leaders by preparing them to guide our workforce through constantly evolving demands, while still meeting the Agency's mission to maintain the world's safest aerospace.

Our History

Prior to FLLI's launch, the FAA operated its Palm Coast, Florida Center for Management and Executive Leadership (CMEL) for 25 years until the facility lease expired in February 2013. The end of CMEL's lease gave us an opportunity to refresh our approach to providing learning services to FAA's leaders. FLLI represents the culmination of this new thinking.

FLLI Today

The FLLI team collaborated with representatives across the FAA to identify the critical skills leaders need to achieve the Agency's mission. We combined these insights with CMEL's best practices, FAA managerial survey data, and leadership development input from each line of business (LOB) to shape the content of FLLI's courses and align it to the operational needs of the Agency.

The result is a core leadership curriculum rooted in learning best practices with operationally-relevant examples geared to help leaders succeed in FAA's unique environment. FLLI's curriculum emphasizes workforce development by giving leaders the tools to empower employees to proactively address challenges, share knowledge, and collaborate, all to meet the FAA's mission.

FLLI uses the latest in learning technology to offer a blended learning approach through in-person and online modalities. These innovative tactics minimize employee travel and time away from the job, and maximize the potential for leaders to apply these new skills.

FLLI Tomorrow

Because the demands on our leaders and workforce constantly evolve, so too does FLLI's curriculum. FLLI's team will continually analyze course feedback, solicit input from each LOB and Staff Office on the issues affecting the workforce, and stay abreast of the latest learning innovations and best practices to refresh course content. This regular evaluation and update process helps ensure that FLLI provides leaders with the relevant principles to apply toward successfully meeting the FAA's mission.

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Phone Number: 202-267-0873

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