FAA Drone Symposium

2023 FAA Drone Symposium

August 1-2
Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore MD

The Drone Symposium will take place all day Tuesday, August 1 and the morning of Wednesday, August 2. The theme this year is “Time to Accelerate,” a call to action as the FAA gears up to help deliver on the promise of all the good things that drones have to offer. With topics ranging from Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operations and Remote ID to type certification, near-term integration issues, and more, the Symposium has the information that stakeholders need to go faster and do more.


2023 AAM Summit

August 2-3
Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore MD

The AAM Summit – the first FAA-led AAM-centric conference – will take place the afternoon of Wednesday, August 2 and all day Thursday, August 3. With a theme of “Leveraging the Skies,” the AAM Summit will bring together the broad spectrum of AAM stakeholders to collaborate and help deliver on the promise of this exciting technology. Whether it’s urban or rural areas, short haul or longer, passenger or cargo operations – the FAA is working with the AAM community to leverage the skies and make transportation of people and goods quieter, equitable, and more efficient.

Last updated: Monday, May 22, 2023