Droning On

Learning About Drones One Region at a Time

Droning On events are being held free and open to the public in each of the nine FAA regions to highlight the societal, economic, and educational benefits of drones. The events provide demonstrations and information sessions on public safety training, career opportunities, The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), and other important aspects of drone ownership and operation. 

The first day is designed for students and educators, the second day focuses on public safety and Local/State/Tribal Governments, and the third day is held for the general public.    

Upcoming events:

Eastern Edition at Warren County Community College, New Jersey

More about the Eastern Edition:

Droning On: Eastern Edition will take place April 27-29, 2023 at Warren County Community College, New Jersey. Address: 475 Route 57 West, Washington NJ 07882

The event will be three days of panels, lectures, and demonstrations.

Thursday, April 27: Education Day

  • Learn about post-secondary schools with UAS programs
  • Information on careers in drones
  • Tools for educators
  • Hands on activities

Friday, April 28: Public Service Day

  • Public Safety training
  • Panels on Rules and Regulations
  • Government best practices and resources

Saturday, April 29: Flying Fun Day

  • Fly a drone!
  • Drone Simulators
  • Racing

Drone demonstrations will happen each day! Come talk with professionals and experts about drones, learn about their many uses, and have fun.


Check out Pictures From Past Events:

Last updated: Monday, March 13, 2023