Order 7000.5C


1. PURPOSE. This order establishes the procedures for submitting changes and material for publication in air traffic control operational handbooks, orders, and related documents, listed in Appendix 1, Air Traffic Publications, ATA-10. All changes/material shall be processed in accordance with this order.

2. DISTRIBUTION. This order is distributed to branch level in Washington Air Traffic Service, Flight Standards Service, Air Traffic System Requirements Service, Office of Airport Safety and Standards, Office of Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance Systems; to division level in the Office of Civil Aviation Security Operations, Office of System Safety, and Aviation System Standards; and to division level in regional Air Traffic, Flight Standards, and Airports Divisions, and to the William J. Hughes Technical Center and the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.

3. CANCELLATION. Order 7000.5B, Submissions for Air Traffic Publications, dated March 1, 2000, is canceled.

4. BACKGROUND. Air Traffic Publications provides publication support to the Air Traffic Service and other organizations by processing changes to air traffic control publications and related documents.

5. PROGRAM PROCEDURES. Submitting changes and material for publication.

a. Timetable for Submission. Since publishing dates may vary according to publication, changes/ material shall be submitted to ATA-10 in accordance with the cutoff date for submission as stipulated in each publication.

b. Authorization for Submission. Except for editorial changes, only the office of primary interest, OPI, (or with concurrence of the OPI) is authorized to submit changes/material for publication. A cover letter from the division level or above shall accompany submissions. OPI concurrence, when appropriate, should be indicated in the content of the cover letter.

c. Submit Changes/Material as follows:

1. In the proper format as depicted in Appendix 2, Document Change Briefing Sheet, and Appendix 3, Miscellaneous Publication Formats;

2. Via hard copy to ATA-10; and

3. Via cc:mail, if available, to the appropriate ATA-10 editor; or

4. Via disk, if unavailable by cc:mail.

1. Indicate if the change/material is for more than one document.

2. Ensure that a virus check has been completed prior to submission.

3. Verbal requests will not be accepted.

d. Submit Graphics as follows:

1. Camera-ready artwork.

2. In electronic graphic format [Corel Draw File (CDR), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Tagged Image File (TIFF), Windows Metafile (WMF), Bitmap (BMP), Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and/or Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) file]. Do not send images/graphics embedded in word documents.

e. When a change/material is to be published in multiple documents, a separate cover letter shall be submitted for each document affected unless the change/material is identical in content and format.

f. General Notices (GENOT's). GENOT's do not generate a change to hand- books or publications. Data published as a GENOT must be submitted following the same procedures for new changes or revisions.

g. Editorial Changes. Editorial changes (i.e., misspelled words, typographical errors, address changes, routing symbols, etc.) should be submitted via memorandum.


a. Air Traffic Publications, ATA-10, shall:

1. Establish and maintain a process for submitting changes, updates, and material to the publications listed in Appendix 1.

2. Review incoming submissions to ensure that procedures are met for efficient and expeditious processing.

3. Return requests to the OPI that do not meet the procedures stated in this order with a clear statement of what is needed to process the changes/material.

4. Provide the OPI's with the document for review prior to printing the changes/material.

5. Coordinate printing and publishing efforts with the appropriate offices to ensure timely publication of changes.

6. Prepare documents, in hard copy, for distribution by the Government Printing Office.

7. Prepare Air Traffic publications (ATPUBS) for viewing on the FAA public web site (www.faa.gov/atpubs).

8. Prepare, maintain, and distribute ATPUBS via the ATPUBS

9. Maintain the ATPUBS CD-ROM address distribution database.

b. OPI/Originator shall:

1. Ensure changes/material are submitted in accordance with the procedures specified in this order.

2. Notify ATA-10 of any change in OPI's. A change in OPI's requires proper coordination and mutual concurrence between affected parties.

3. Review all changes/material for accuracy before the document is forwarded for printing.

4. Ensure all additions, deletions, or modifications are made to all documents and related paragraphs and/or indexes that may be affected by the change/material.

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Sabra W. Kaulia
Program Director for
Air Traffic Airspace Management

Date:  10/18/2001


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