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Part 1 International Notices to Airmen


This part features significant international notices to airmen (NOTAM) information and special notices.

The information contained in the International Notices to Airmen section is derived from international notices and other official sources. International notices are of two types: Class One International Notices are those NOTAMs issued via telecommunications. They are made available to the U.S. flying public by the International NOTAM Office (Washington, DC) through the local Flight Service Station (FSS). Class Two International Notices are NOTAMs issued via postal services and are not readily available to the U.S. flying public. The International Notices to Airmen draws from both these sources and also includes information about temporary hazardous conditions which are not otherwise readily available to the flyer. Before any international flight, always update the International Notices to Airmen with a review of Class One International Notices available at your closest FSS.

Foreign notices carried in this publication are carried as issued to the maximum extent possible. Most abbreviations used in this publication are listed in ICAO Document DOC 8400. Wherever possible, the source of the information is included at the end of an entry. This allows the user to confirm the currency of the information with the originator.

International Information Source Code Table


Information Source

I or II (followed by the NOTAM number)

Class One or Class Two NOTAMs


Aeronautical Information Publication (followed by the AIP change number)


Aeronautical Information Circular (followed by the AIC number)


Department of State advisories


Federal Aviation Administration

The International Notices to Airmen section gives worldwide coverage in each issue. Coverage for the U.S. and its external territories is limited and normally will not include data available on the domestic NOTAM circuit or published in other official sources available to the user.

Each issue of this section is complete in itself. Temporary data will be repeated in each issue until the condition ceases to exist. Permanent data will be carried until it is sufficiently published or is available in other permanent sources. New items will be indicated by a black bar running in the left or right margin.

This section includes data issued by foreign governments. The publication of this data in no way constitutes legal recognition of the validity of the data. This publication does not presume to tabulate all NOTAM data, although every effort is made to publish all pertinent data. The Federal Aviation Administration does not assume liability for failure to publish, or the accuracy of, any particular item.