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Van Nuys (VNY) traffic awareness

Van Nuys, ca

Bob hope (bur) airport Runway 8 arrivals

Aircraft arriving on runway 8 approaches into BUR airport should be on high alert for VFR traffic in the pattern at VNY and the increased potential for a Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System/RESOLUTION ADVISORY (TCAS/RA).

Traffic Pattern Altitude 2000 MSL west of VNY airport. (VFR aircraft departing West of VNY up to 2500 MSL)

Traffic Pattern Altitude 1800 MSL east of VNY airport.

Graphic illustrates flight paths over VNY pattern.

vny pattern traffic

Aircraft operating in the pattern at VNY should be extremely vigilant to maintain the correct altitude while operating in the VFR Traffic Pattern, and Caution Wake Turbulence.

Aircraft inbound to BUR overfly VNY at minimum separation and may receive a TCAS/RA if VNY traffic is higher than pattern altitude. This may cause the overflight to go-around/missed approach. Use caution for wake turbulence from the aircraft overhead.

Wake turbulence graphic VNY pattern


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