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Air Traffic Plans and Publications

Note: Certain manuals, publications, and orders are again available in HTML format. See memorandum (PDF) for further information.



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Air Traffic Orders
Order Number Order Title
JO 1000.37B (PDF) Air Traffic Organization Safety Management System (10/31/2018)
JO 1900.47F (PDF) Air Traffic Control Operational Contingency Plans (03/31/2020)
JO 2900.2 (PDF) Air Traffic Organization Audits and Assessments (06/01/2018)
JO 3120.4P (PDF) Air Traffic Technical Training - Change 1 (10/30/2015)
JO 3400.20 (PDF) Individual Performance Management (IPM) for Operational Personnel (01/30/2012)
JO 7000.5E (PDF) Procedures for Submitting Changes to Air Traffic Control Publications (09/08/2017)
7050.1B (PDF) Runway Safety Program (11/07/2013)
JO 7110.10AA PDF, HTM Flight Services (08/15/2019)
JO 7110.65Y PDF, HTM Air Traffic Control (08/15/2019)
JO 7110.66F (PDF) National Beacon Code Allocation Plan (NBCAP) (06/03/2019)
JO 7110.67K (PDF) Air Traffic Management Security Services for Special Operations (10/01/2019)
JO 7110.67K* PS/, HTM Air Traffic Management Security Services for Special Operations *Non-FAA Employees (10/01/2019)
JO 7110.110B (PDF) Dependent Converging Instrument Approaches (DCIA) with Converging Runway Display Aid (CRDA) (11/17/2017)
JO 7110.118A (PDF) Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) (01/30/2016)
JO 7110.118B (PDF) Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) (11/15/2020)
JO 7110.121A (PDF) Precision Runway Monitor-Alternative (PRM-A) Multilateration (MLAT) data for surveillance at Detroit TRACON (D21) (03/19/2019)
JO 7110.125 (PDF) Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) in the ERAM Environment (03/27/2018)
JO 7110.126A (PDF) Consolidated Wake Turbulence (CWT) Separation Standards (09/28/2019)
JO 7110.127A (PDF) National Airspace System (NAS) Processing of Foreign Aircraft Identifications with a Numeric Nationality Mark (05/04/2020)
JO 7110.662B (PDF) Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Air Traffic Control (ATC) Services at all facilities using Micro-En Route Automatic Tracking System (Micro-EARTS) and at Anchorage ARTCC using Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) (08/03/2015)
JO 7200.20A (PDF) Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs (09/25/2017)
JO 7200.21A (PDF) Partnership for Safety Program (06/01/2020)
JO 7200.23B (PDF) Processing of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Requests (07/16/2020)
JO 7210.3BB PDF, HTM Facility Operation and Administration (08/15/2019)
JO 7210.55G Operational Data Reporting Requirements (06/01/2017)
JO 7210.79 (PDF) Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) in the ERAM Environment (03/27/2018)
JO 7210.632A (PDF) Air Traffic Organization Occurrence Reporting (10/01/2020)
JO 7210.633A (PDF) Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Quality Assurance (QA) (10/01/2020)
JO 7210.634A (PDF) Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Quality Control (10/01/2020)
JO 7210.637 (PDF) Terminal Flight Data Manager Electronic Flight Strips (03/01/2020)
JO 7340.2K (PDF) Contractions (09/10/2020)
JO 7350.9V (PDF) Location Identifiers (09/10/2020)
JO 7360.1E (PDF) Aircraft Type Designators (10/10/2019)
JO 7400.2M PDF, HTM Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters (02/28/2019)
JO 7400.10B (PDF) Special Use Airspace (02/16/2020)
JO 7400.11E Airspace Designations and Reporting Points (09/15/2020)
JO 7610.4V (PDF) Special Operations (08/15/2019)
JO 7610.12A (PDF) Assignment and Authorization of Call Sign Designators and Associated Telephonies (03/31/2020)
JO 7900.5E (PDF) Surface Weather Observing (01/15/2020)
JO 7910.1F (PDF) Radar Video Maps Program (12/19/2019)
7930.2S PDF, HTM Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) (01/10/2019)
JO 8020.16C (PDF) Air Traffic Organization Aircraft Accident and Aircraft Incident Notification, Investigation, and Reporting (12/14/2018)

Notices to Airmen


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