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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Airmen Certification

We are currently processing permanent Airmen Certificates for temporary certificates that were issued approximately August 17, 2023 .


The FAA established the Civil Aviation Registry Electronic Services (CARES) initiative to enhance the registration services provided by the FAA, which will also enable compliance with the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, H.R. 302, 115th Cong. (2018), Section 546.

CARES will provide web-based services for registration of all U.S. aircraft, and certification of all U.S. airmen, including unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). It will replace current Civil Aviation Registry processes and legacy systems with a modernized solution.

To report a Name Change or Change in Nationality – If you are an airman who holds only a Flight Attendant or CTO, you must send copies of legal documentation such as court orders, marriage licenses, passports, and birth certificates directly to the Airmen Certification Branch using form AC 8060-56

Do you display my certificate number on the Internet?
We do not display your SSN, certificate number, or date of birth on the FAA website.
Where can I find the nearest Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)?
Our FSDO Locator will help you find the nearest Flight Standards District Office.
Where can I find the nearest designated examiner?
You can find designated pilot examiners using the Designee Locator.
Where can I find U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics?
U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics
Where can I find the nearest computer testing site?
PSI Services Knowledge Testing Centers
Where can I access the Federal Aviation Regulations?
Regulations & Policies
Where can I access FAA Advisory Circulars?
The Regulatory and Guidance Library contains FAA Advisory Circulars.
Where can I contact the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)?
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

  • AC 8060-55 – Change of Address, Airmen Certificate Holder
  • AC 8060-56– Application for Replacement of Lost, Destroyed, or Paper Airman Certificate(s)
  • FAA 8400-3 – Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application for Flight Engineers, Flight Navigators, Aircraft Dispatchers, and Control Tower Operators
  • FAA 8610-1 – Mechanic’s Application for Inspection Authorization
  • FAA 8610-2 – Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application for Mechanics and Parachute Riggers
  • FAA 8610-3 – Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application - Repairman
  • FAA 8710-1 – Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application for Pilots, Flight Instructors and Ground Instructors
  • FAA 8710-11 – (Sport Pilot Only) Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application for Sport Pilot
  • FAA 8710-13 – (Remote Pilot Only) Remote Pilot Certificate and/or Rating Application
  • AC 8060-67 – Request Change of Airmen Certificate Number
  • AC 8060-68 – Request Copies of My Complete Airman File from the Airmen Certification Branch
  • AC 8060-69 – Request for Copies of My Complete Certification File to be Released to a Third Party
  • AC 8060-71 – Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating, and Medical Certification
  • AC 8060-72 – FOIA Request (FROM AIRLINES) for Copies to 3rd Party

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time

By Telephone

  • Toll Free: (866) 878-2498

By E-Mail

By Mail

Federal Aviation Administration
Airmen Certification Branch
P.O. Box 25082
Oklahoma City,
OK 73125-0082

For Commercial Delivery Services

Federal Aviation Administration
Airmen Certification Branch
6425 South Denning Avenue
Oklahoma City,
OK 73169-6937

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