14 CFR Part 121 Air Carrier Certification

An overview of the certification process for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 121 air carriers This site is designed to guide a new applicant through the Air Carrier Certification Process and answer questions they may have regarding Certification Process.

Air Carrier Certification Process

  1. Introduction to Certification
    1. Introduction to Part 121 Air Carrier Certification
    2. Overview of the Process
    3. The FAA’s Approach to System Safety and Certification
    4. Roles
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Completing the Pre-Application Checklist
    1. Introduction to Pre-Application
    2. Plan Your Strategy
    3. Signal Your Intent to Apply for Certification
    4. Complete the Pre-Application Checklist Documents
    5. Submit the Formal Application Letter and Required Documents
  3. Completing the Certification Process
    1. Phase 1: Pre-application
    2. Phase 2: Formal Application
    3. Phase 3: Design Assessment
    4. Phase 4: Performance Assessment
    5. Phase 5: Administrative Functions
    6. Certification Process Feedback Form (PDF)
  4. Certification Consultants
    1. How to become a Certification Consultant
    2. Qualified Certification Consultants List (PDF)
  5. Safety Management System (SMS) and Voluntary Safety Programs
    1. General Information about Safety Programs
    2. Safety Management System (SMS)
    3. Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
    4. Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA)
    5. Preparation for Certification with a Safety Management System

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